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Reduce Chronic Inflammation and it can help you
  • Regain Energy
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Improve Mood & Motivation
  • Sharpen Memory
  • Increase Focus
  • Burn Belly Fat
  • Decrease Daily Aches & Pains
Before we started Juniper Life, we were wondering the same thing. You see, the problem with chronic inflammation is that it has multiple causes, affects multiple systems and has been a slow burning fire thats been raging for some time.
If you rely on diet alone - you need to be very disciplined and very strict. And in our years of experience in the health & fitness world, we knew that diets have a very high failure rate.
While we knew diet was important, we knew that if we could create a supplement that not only made it easier to make smart food choices, but also helped reduce inflammation and support the immune system - success would be easier to achieve.
The Juniper Life Strategy for Success
  • Reduce Inflammation at its source - Targeting the most common sources of chronic inflammation is the most efficient & effective way to reduce inflammation.
  • Heal the Gut - One of the largest contributors to inflammation is a compromised gut. We used a combination of prebiotics, plant extracts and Ayurvedic remedies to help feed good bacteria, strengthen the gut lining and reduce Candida overgrowth.
  • Burn Fat - Overloaded fat cells send stress signals to the brain, which triggers the inflammation process. We put proven fat burners into our Ignite and added energy & motivation boosters to help you move more, do more & burn more throughout the day.
  • Lay Off the Sugar - We love sugar, but our bodies don't. We put ingredients in our Transformation Kit that reduce cravings, suppress the appetite & improves mood (to help reduce emotional eating). For the extra sugar obsessed, we created Empower - a spray that completely blocks the sweet taste of sugar, so dessert won't be so tempting.
  • Support the Immune System - You think you're busy? Your immune system has you beat, no contest. You know how you are super productive, efficient & amazing when you are overworked, over-stressed, underfed & under appreciated? You aren't? Neither is your immune system. And since your immune system is ultimately in charge of stopping the inflammation process & healing the body - this is one of the most important steps in seeing results. We did our research and included some of the best super-powered immune boosting ingredients known to man.
For best results, we knew we couldn't cut corners, and as much as we wanted to, we couldn't fit everything into one product. The result is the Juniper Life Transformation Kit - a system with a powerful blend of trace minerals, vitamins, superfoods & ayurvedic remedies that can help reduce inflammation, restore energy & focus, burn fat, improve mood & motivation, curb appetite & cravings, and support the immune system.
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    This stuff is FANTASTIC !!!
    Laura Bischoff on Feb 09, 2018
    I am so grateful to a co-worker that introduced me to this program. I have been living with some serious tingling in my body and I have lesions in my brain that cause random things to happen. I have been to SO MANY DOCTORS and NEUROLOGISTS. They have been able to tell me 100 things it isn't but not what is going on or how to help it. It has been a rough couple of years at best. I was telling my co-worker how frustrated I was and she told me about the transformation program. She gave me enough to try it for a couple of days and it was LIFE CHANGING for me ... READ MORE
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    Love Juniper Life!!!
    Derrick on Sept 07, 2017
    I have been on this product for 9 full months now and love it! I would not miss a day because of the way it makes me feel. It gives me such a good natural energy. I used to reach for a soda first thing in the morning for the caffeine boost and now I very rarely have any soda. I was not planning or trying to lose weight but i did trim up quite a bit ... READ MORE
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    Weight Loss & High Blood Pressure
    Joey on July 12, 2017
    I have struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetic condition for a while now, it has been a difficult road trying to change my eating habits, consistently going to the gym and avoiding sugar rich foods and drinks and following the doctor's advice to get healthy. I started using Juniper Life at the end of April 2017, since then I have dropped 22lbs, at my follow up appointment with the doctor today (06/12/2017) I showed him pictures of me weighing 220 lbs a few months ago and weighing 193lbs today. I haven't weighed 193lbs since the 90's ... READ MORE
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    Pleasantly surprised
    Debra on Feb 25, 2018
    I suffer from a plethora of medical issues and decided to try Juniper Life after years of trying, buying and taking tons of assorted supplements. I was pleasantly surprised within a week to notice more energy, less "gut" issues and less neuropathy pain. I promised to give it 8 weeks and reassess and the way it appears now it can only get better ... READ MORE