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In today’s world, there are a ton of people who want to lose weight but can’t. 

All the advice online is confusing, contradictory, and doesn’t actually work for you in the end. 

Most of the time, even if you stick to a diet and exercise plan, the scale just doesn’t go down. (Sometimes even goes up 😰). 

And some can lose weight, but all the weight immediately comes back once they hit their goal weight. 

So we decided to see what was going on.

The Start:

Mike Butler

Hey, I’m Mike.

I’m a nutrition and exercise consultant.

I’ve helped countless people lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way and achieve their fitness goals.

But there was a problem some of my clients kept running into…

Whether it be because of low energy, time constraints, low self-esteem/confidence, or just a slow metabolism…

Some people would plateau… 


(or even GAIN weight)

So I created a team called JuniperLife and set out to find the reason why.

It took work.

We analyzed and asked questions.

Friends, Family, Experts, The old guy down the street, EVERYONE, about what they were struggling with specifically to lose weight.

And we found something that connected it all…

Weight loss needs to be tackled from 3 different layers.

Layer One: Diet.

Most people know this part, but there is an underlying concept that makes it difficult to follow.

Keto, Calorie counting, Intermittent fasting,

They all ‘WORK’ in theory

But there was something underneath.

People would either not see results after sticking with the diet for MONTHS…

Or their body wouldn’t be able to handle it and they’d emotionally eat/binge, (heavily influenced by layer 3)...

Layer Two: Exercise.

This one is also given. 

Lots of people exercise regularly to try and lose weight - or get healthier

But some people incorporate TONS of diet and exercise into their lifestyle and STILL can’t lose weight.

And some don’t even HAVE time to exercise. Their schedule is packed and it makes it hard to eat right!

Are they just destined to not lose weight?

We had to find an answer.

Layer Three: “Fat storage mode”.

This one was the hardest to see.

There was something that was keeping people from losing weight…

EVEN IF they were strict on their calories…

EVEN IF they exercised as much as they could.

And we found the main reason behind it.

“Fat storage mode”

“Fat storage mode” is your body thinking that it’s going to starve, and becomes as efficient as possible to save as many calories/carbs as it can.

After a while of dieting or exercise, your body ‘detects’ that calories aren’t coming in as fast as they are going out…

And can activate “Fat storage mode” to try to save as many calories as it can, because it thinks you won’t have food for a while.

This is because a thousand years ago, being able to save calories and fat could mean life or death.

But right now, it's preventing you from losing weight,

Even after perhaps a strict low-calorie/carb diet, and working out 6x a week.

This is also responsible for sugar cravings and fast-food cravings. So to fix the cravings we need to solve this.

Soo… How do we solve that?

Being able to keep your body out of “Fat storage mode” requires you to precisely control your blood sugar, stress, gut, immune system (Even your immune system!? 😥), and pretty much everything that can influence weight.

You need to attack weight loss “from all sides”

And that’s not something most people can do on their own…

(Vitamin D, Irvingia gabonensis, Cissus quadrangularis, Sinetrol citrus, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper (Piper nigrum), if you wanted to be specific)

So we started with “Ignite” a supplement that uses powerful and organic ‘fat-burning’ ingredients to increase your ability to lose weight

Ignite was designed to be the ‘engine’.

It elevates fat burning, curbs cravings, improves energy, focus, and motivation. 

If your weight loss journey is already pretty consistent, and clear-cut and you just want to speed it up, you can find Ignite here.

But if your weight loss journey is stalling, or you fear gaining weight back after losing it, and you need something stronger…

We designed the “Transformation program” which tackles “all sides” of weight loss. 

(And Health in general, the two were surprisingly related. 😳 )

The transformation program is a 4-part product that includes all the tools possible to help you lose weight.

Here’s what you’ll get.

  • Ignite (from before): Burns fat, curbs cravings, and increases energy

  • Fortify: Improves immune system functions (Also helps with inflammation and fat storage, and helps you keep on track by preventing you from getting sick.)

  • Optimize: Enhances Ignite, and Fortify, helps suppress appetite, and reduces oxidative stress & inflammation helping keep you out of “Fat storage mode”.

  • Empower: This one is crazy. It’s a spray that blocks the taste of sugar completely. taffy will taste like cardboard, Swedish fish will taste like gelatin, and cupcakes will taste like baking flour. This helps keep cravings under control and has a fresh minty taste. This one is especially useful if you have sugar cravings a lot.

Oh, and we have a bonus that comes with this, 

Bonus Piece:

With the transformation kit, we’ve included a personalized, weight loss measuring tape to help you track your progress as you use the transformation kit.

Imagine yourself being able to just see the numbers go down… and down… and down.

From preventing “Fat storage mode” to being able to completely block the taste of sugar,

The Transformation program handles ALL imaginable areas that can affect weight, meaning…

If you pair the Transformation program with a solid diet and exercise plan, you are GUARANTEED to lose weight. 

That’s it.

Don’t believe me?

How about this, if somehow, your weight loss progress didn’t show amazing results or isn’t quite what you expected, We will immediately refund you 100% of your money back.

So the two possible scenarios here are as follows:

  • You either see massive weight loss results.

  • Or you make 100% of your money back, the day you decide it doesn’t work for you.

You’re not exactly risking anything here. 🤷

In fact, We’ve had many people who’ve already tried this and seen their own success:

People will be surprised at how fast you're losing weight. 

The clothes you like won’t be tight anymore, in fact, they’ll be LOOSE.

You’ll be confident and happy about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

Friends or Coworkers won’t make sarcastic comments about your weight, or talk about you behind your back.

For only $109, it will make the weight loss journey much faster, easier, and for some of you, possible.

[Awesome, I want in on this too!]

How it works:

Ignite (as you already know) is the ‘engine’.

Using things like Cissus Quadrangularis, A perennial plant that has been shown to help with losing weight, Ignite burns fat, curbs cravings, and increases energy.

Fortify is designed for “Protective Recovery”. 

It supports a healthy immune and inflammatory response (one of the main drivers for weight gain!)

It uses natural ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea and Curcumin, which help with inflammation and stress.

And paired with transfer factors, which use immunity to prevent your body from being attacked from the outside. 

Optimize will keep your body out of “Fat storage mode”

By encouraging your body to burn fat for fuel, helping regulate normally uncertain factors (mood, stress, energy, etc), and ‘telling’ your body that it has all the food it needs.

Optimize’s main benefit is that it has the ability to ‘enhance’ our other products and improve the effectiveness/potency of things like Ignite.

Empower will kill your sugar cravings.

Cravings are one of the main reasons people gain weight.

To solve this, we created Empower, which will eliminate the taste of sugar for hours AND slowly decrease your cravings over time.

Within 2 weeks of use, you can expect not to be craving cake, brownies, or anything sweet at all. 

Not only does it block the taste of sugar completely using Gymnema Sylvestre,

but it also decreases your general want for sweet things, emotional eating, and bingeing over time by blocking your brain’s connection of sugar to dopamine.

You can then measure your weight loss with the FREE ‘weight tape’ included inside.

Since we know that this DOES work and that you’ll be seeing substantial weight loss results…

We want you to be able to see your progress in real-time,

So we included a small ‘weight tape’ because sometimes the scale doesn’t tell the full story.

So be able to live the life you want,

Be able to fit loosely into your favorite clothes,

have people seeing your weight just sliiiiide off,

And feel much better & healthier.

What would a thin version of you look like?

[See for yourself - Grab The Transformation Kit ($109)]

[Grab The Transformation Kit]