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There is a reason willpower alone isn't always enough to quit the sugar habit.
  • feel good chemicals are released when sugar is consumed - creating a dependence or "addiction" that the body craves, particularly when you are feeling sad or lonely
  • drops or dips in the body's sugar levels create cravings for instant, quick sources of energy such as sugar
  • unfriendly bacteria in the gut feed off sugar & can intensify sugar cravings when they get low on food sources

We are recovering sugar addicts who are all too familiar with the painful process of giving up our favorite treats.

Cravings made it virtually impossible to say no when treats were around or when they were offered.

Cheating was a real problem - tiny little sneaks of a piece of candy here or a bite of dessert there prevented us from losing our sweet tooth & lust for sugar.

Skipping dessert made us depressed. Our brains missed the mental boost sugar gave us - leaving us feeling down & unhappy.

Tired of the battle, we started to ask.

"What if It Didn't Have to be This Hard?"

Our Solution Worked So Well, We Knew We Had to Share it With Others.
Our Solution Worked So Well, We Knew We Had to Share it With Others.
Working with a brilliant chemist, we came up with a formula that
  • blocks the sweet taste of sugar so treats no longer taste good.
  • provides a slight lift in energy levels
  • boosts the production of "feel good" seratonin so the brain gets its reward without calories.
  • helps maintain normal blood sugar level so cravings are kept at bay.
Disconnect the Pleasure Response and You Stop the Behavior

The secret behind Empower's success is that it not only helps curb cravings, it satisfies the body's need for a mental & emotional lift, while removing the "yum" factor of dessert.

This takes the option of cheating off the table and makes it 1,000X easier to say no! Before you know it, you'll have lost your craving for sugar completely.